Best Chanel buys??

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  1. What are your best Chanel buys so far??
  2. a couple years ago i got a Chanel Kelly in Caviar for $499.00 retail was over $1400 but it was a few seasons old. it was the moment of my life!
  3. I got a pink cambon Chanel for only $855.. retail was $1450. I LOVE IT!
  4. That's truly a bargain!!!! Congrats!!!
  5. Chanel Kelly is soo classic. Don't say it's old. Chanel is always classic!!!!:amuse: :amuse: :amuse:
  6. awesome, where are you guys finding these bargains? I didnt see any of these at the Chanel sales :lol: I'm missing out!
  7. No doubt!!
  8. and where are there Chanel sales? and what is the Kelly, what does it look like?

    I did buy a Dior girly bag on sale at Neiman Marcus for like $390 and the retail value was over $700, so these miracles CAN happen. I just want to know where they happen for Chanel !
  9. So far, Chanel boutiques here in Singapore doesn't really have much discount. Maybe those 2 buy from resellers??
  10. Chanel has sales on a few select handbags every now and again but I've never made it into a store for the sale.
  11. So the sales are in the Chanel boutiques, not in places like Saks or Neiman Marcus?? Are these Chanel sales associated with any particular month, or are they pretty random....does anybody notice?
  12. I haven't noticed when they are. If you check the website every now and again they'll have "Points of Sale" with a list of boutiques holding sales.
  13. Ok cool, thank you!
  14. can you please give me the link for the "Points of sale", coz i can not find it in the website.

  15. I got $530 off a black caviar jumbo (with gh) through a Bloomingdales promotion! I didn't think the 20% off applied to Chanel... but they said it did! :wtf: They said it only didn't apply to Louis Vuitton and the cosmetics retailers.