BEST ceramic iron?

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  1. Today my stylist used a ceramic iron (usually used for straightening) to add a bit of curl to my hair - it turned out really well so now i'm in the market for a high end curler/straightener.

    I'd love any rec's you might have!

  2. i use my ghd to straighten and curl my hair, it works fab!
  3. I LOVE my Sedu tourmaline ceramic flat iron. Never tried using it for curling though.
  4. I just got a GHD that I love. has reviews that you can read
  5. The new GHD - great for curls and straight hair styles.
  6. I love my sedu :heart:
  7. I have used the Wigo and hatred it. I have the Chi and love it. Its also the same on that my stylist uses on me.
  8. CHI !!! Never tried GHD and Sedu
  9. CHI is on sale at ULTA...I have a 20% off coupon so I think I'm going to go pick one up. It comes out to a little over 100.00 with discount. If you want to try a CHI, go to ULTA and ask for the discount! The SA's may hook you up!
  10. GHD! I swear by mine. I actually got the new pink one for my birthday today, hope it's as good as the regular! :smile:
  11. there have been a ton of threads on ceramic and flat irons lately, please use the search feature!
Thread Status:
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