Best ceramic curling iron for thick hair?

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  1. My hairstylist told me not to spend more than $70 for a ceramic hair curler, but to also stay away from those drugstore brands.

    I have thick, very straight hair. What ceramic curling iron do you guys recommend?
  2. Hmm.. I think most people would recommend a GHD. I believe they make a flat iron which is also designed to curl hair. The thing is, it's over 200 USD. I use a Chi (130 USD) and it's given me my money's worth so far. I had a Revlon (40USD) some time ago while my Chi was getting repaired and it certainly sucked. Good luck in your hunting and hope this helped a bit!
  3. Right now I've got a Revlon ceramic curling iron with a large, 1 1/2" barrel. You can grab 'em at any drugstore! So far it's worked well for me, as I can't get my thick wavy hair pinstraight, but can smooth it with a round bristle brush and then turn the ends under with the curling iron for a really sleek and slightly wavy look. I'm not 100% sold on Revlon, but so far it's working for me!
  4. i have a chi flat iron, but because it's 2 inches wide it's difficult to use as a tool to curl my hair.
  5. I have a 1-inch wide chi iron I love it you can use it to curl, flip the ends, or just have it straight.
  6. Sedu
  7. i have super THICK hair and i've been using the regular black 1 inch chi for over 5 years. used it when my hair was boy cut length and also when long. good thing about the 1 inch is that its light so your arm won't hurt as much as the larger ones. you can probably find one on eBay for less than $100.
  8. I just bought a sedu from recommendations on here... it was a straight iron but it can be used to curl hair under. it's wonderful. it's definately worth paying in the 100+ range. i immediately felt the difference between the sedu and my old one... which i believe was a revlon
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