Best Cell Phone Bag?

  1. I'm looking for a tiny bag to stick in any of my bigger bags to hold my new blackjack phone (it's a little bigger phone). Any ideas what I could use? I'm sure there are a ton of options. What do you think? I just want a tiny pochette or something I can stick it in to protect it.

  2. Hmmm... just gonna name the only bags/accessories that pop into my head:

    Mini Pochette
  3. I'd go with the wapity, it's perfect for that.
  4. I alternate between the damier ebony & azur mini pochettes :smile: They are very easy to get stuff in & out off!
    Has room for some wipes, blotter and lipstick too, and still manages to stay slim.

  5. How about pochette cancun?
    I love my wapity dearly but I don't put my phone in wapity case
    cuz it's kinda hard for me to get the phone out quick when the phone rings with zipper closure..pochette cancun has snap so it will be easier to get it in and out
  6. For a blackjack only i'd say try the pochette tulum, pochette cancun, and the ciggarette case (it has other purposes)
  7. I agree with the mini pochette
  8. I say wapity or mini pochette
  9. Mini pochette
  10. The Pochette Tulum is cute and fits a phone perfectly!
  11. my phone is the pda phone so I use white mc wapity and sometime for quick errand I just put a debit card and cash.
  12. wapity or mini pochette
  13. Wapity or Pochette Tulum
  14. I love my mini pochette - go for that!
  15. def mini pochette:yes: