Best Celebrity Handbags

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  1. Tell & show the celebrity with the best bags.

    In your opinion what is the hotest bag out now, you know the must have bag!:yahoo: That the celebs own.
  2. [​IMG]

    You know she is one of my favs.
    This bags is Gucci
  3. She usually looks good but my lord...the trashy "exposed" bra trend went out in the 80's.
  4. Victoria Beckham has the BEST bags,BEST clothing,and BEST bod!..god that girl has it my dreams my fat self will be like her:sad:
  5. Victoria looks HOT!!! LOVE EVERYTHING about that pic!!!

    My favorite (or should I say, one of my favorites) would have to be BJ Birkin:love::
  6. I love this bag that Jennifer Aniston has benn seen with a lot.
    I also pulled this info. that was written about it. Sadly, it's not available anyone at this time,:sad: but it would be great if it made a come back!

    "The Jennifer Anniston bag is no longer available. It is a Bottega Veneta from last year's resort collection and was very limited. I visited the SF BV store (and called several others including the outlet) in December to try to track one down. BV has a similar bag this season, but it is done in perforated leather and the handles are too short to fit over the shoulder. I saw this season's bag and was not impressed. All of the BV SAs I talked to said they have been innundated with calls about this bag for the past couple of months since Jen has been seen with it over and over. Perhaps they will realize the demand and make it again?? Sure hope so!"
  7. I love this Carlos Falchi Python Bag:
    2351.jpg Carlos Falchi.jpg
  8. I also love Jennifer Aniston's black Bottega Veneta bag that she's been seen with lately but sadly it apparently has been discontinued this season.:sad: There's been a lot of phone calls at the BV stores asking for it so hopefully they'll bring it back!
  9. Ooops sorry- this was the shorter version w/o the article^^^ that I didn't think went through. Sorry to give you a double post!
  10. :lol:
  11. She looks Gorgeous!!
  12. I have to go with Jess, her array of LV is so gorgeous it'll make your eyes hurt!
  13. I think Victoria Beckham has the best bags. Her Hermes collection is TDF!
  14. This is cute. Where did you find it?:smile:

    Vlad, Love the new smileys!
  15. I found it at
    The site isn't the cutest lay out but the bags are legit. I bought my Carlos Falchi Doctors bag there and they were fabulous to work with.