Best cc cream?

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  1. Chanel CC Cream - love it!!
  2. The Kate Somerville sounds interesting.. will check it out
  3. I like the Chanel CC cream too. I previously tried Smashbox's CC cream and I just didn't care for it.
  4. I'm using the Gosh CC cream, and really like it - although to be fair, this is the only CC cream I've tried so far! :smile: Has a nice texture, gives a reasonable amount of coverage, and it's quite affordable too. Also, I'm super pale with neutral to yellow undertones, and this is one of the only drugstore 'foundations' I've found which is a match for my skin.
  5. Mine is Clinique, love using it during the summer over a slightly tanned face, just evens everything out nicely.
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    Update: Clinique CC cream... It's kind of thick and not as hydrating as I thought it was going to be.. I used a good moisturizer but after trying the Peter Thomas Roth's CC cream which is really moisturizing and blendable... I'm really starting to dislike and regret purchasing the Clinique CC cream. I have some pink undertones and the Clinique I realize is a bit too pink for me... I have combo skin in the fall/winter and a bit more oily in the summer.

    The Peter Thomas Roth CC cream has more of a warmer tone and it kind of neutralizes the pink undertones in my skin. PTR has a dewy finish definitely not matte if that is the kind of look you are going for. If you want a matte finish I'd go for the Smashbox Camera Ready BB cream which I love.

    I think if you are very fair the PTR CC cream may be too dark for you or orange but I'm a medium shade and it worked great for me so far. Unfortunately, I did not purchase the Clinique CC cream at Sephora but at another beauty store and they won't allow me to return it.

    In terms of the PTR a little goes a long way and it really evened out my skin tone and looked very natural. I did set the PTR CC cream with a light dusting of setting powder on my T Zone.
    Peter Thomas Roth CC $ 48 ( I'd get a sample from Sephora before purchasing). Only 3 shades
    Clinique Moisture Surge CC cream $ 35 ( Clinique CC cream has a lot more shades)
    Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream $39 ( I like this in the summer more matte ) I haven't tried the Smashbox CC cream yet.

  7. Thanks so much for the detailed suggestions! I like the dewy look a bit more so I'll try the PTR. I hope the shades work out - I'm fair to medium.
  8. Lakme CC cream is one of the best CC creams i have ever tried!

    You girls should give it a try..its very light...also helps in light concealing and covers up face pores beautifully! I am completely obsessed with it now...there is no way i am switching to another CC cream.:happydance::happydance:
  9. Same here!! IT CC is amazing. Great coverage, SPF 50, great quality (no oxidizing issues)...worth trying out!!!
  10. I just got the It Cosmetics CC cream in the mail today. Immediately washed my face and tried it out. I'm very impressed! It has a nice scent, excellent coverage and left my skin feeling super soft.
  11. I just started wearing O HUI cc cream. I love it. Got rid of my Chanel CC creams and all my others.
  12. CC Cream Update:
    So I went back to using my Clinique CC cream moisture surge but applied it with a damp beauty blender instead of using my fingers or a brush to buff it in. I feel like it applies better and looks more natural and feels less heavy when applied with my damp beauty blender. Since I'm unable to return this since I didn't purchase this at Sephora.. I will make the best of it and get it to work on me.

    I still like the PTR (Peter Thomas Roth) CC cream however, be careful with this CC cream because I didn't apply a lot of it but in the middle of the day it had transferred onto a sweater of mine. I did apply powder in my T zone with this CC cream to keep any oiliness at bay. I did not experience any color/makeup transfer with the Clinique CC cream.