Best casual LV?

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  1. Hello...

    Planning to buymy next LV and I want a 'casual' feel to it. So far I only owned 2 LVs - NF DE MM and speedy B 30 DE. I like crossbodynor shoulder bag.

  2. Well I was going to say Neverfull and speedy but you already have those. I like casual bags myself and I think the Delightful and Totally are some other good choices.
  3. How about the Papillion? or the Noe. Manhattan and Alma are great as well!:smile:
  4. Delightful
  5. Totally
  6. Totally or Bloomsbury since cross body was another choice :smile:
  7. Bloomsbury
  8. Artsy MM
  9. +1
  10. wanted to add Noe too! :smile:
  11. Thank you!

    Hmmm.... Narrowing down to totally, noe, Bloomsbury or delightful.... More votes?
  12. Bloomsbury PM
  13. Totally. Awesome bag, the straps just get better with use. Mine are feeling so soft and comfy
  14. The Neverfull is pretty casual, but seeing as I think it can be dressed up, I would go with the Totally. To me, the Totally always looks pretty casual.
  15. I have noe. It's good for my everyday.
    Neverfull is another option.