Best Cashmere

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  1. I wonder what are the best cashmere brands are. I know that Loro Piana and Malo are the ones on top positions here, but what else? Especially interested in comments of Italian members.

    I've got some things from Avon Celli and fall in love with its quality immediately, but there are probably hundreds of unknown brands that worth attention...(I'm cashmere lover):shame:
  2. I buy a lot of cashmere from Neiman Marcus online; it's their own brand but not sure of their source.

    I also love Autumn Cashmere.
  3. I like eres, but it's not Italian and I'm sure you probably have some.
  4. Tse, Lucien Pellat-Finet
  5. i like tse too... and brora.. not sure if they're the best quality but i like them :lol:
  6. I am a big TSE fan... so cozzy!
  7. I'm italian.... Loro Piana, Malo, Brunello Cuccinelli, Piacenza Cashmere are good italian brands..
    But to me the best cashmer brand is "Ballantyne" ( made in Scotland but property of an Italian company)
  8. Agree with l_b on Ballantyne. While in Scotland and England I've bought some of their cashmere and they are wonderful.
  9. burberry
  10. i love my silk&cashmere scarf:tender: :winkiss: it's so soft:biggrin:
  11. I love Ballantyne and they used to have stores in Chicago and NYC.
    I don't know if you can still buy the cashmere here in the USA.
  12. :yes::yes:
  13. My staple cashmere pieces come from Lord and Taylor, but I really love the hand on my Tse sweaters.
  14. Thank you everyone for answers.

    Really?! I have, I think, three pieces of Ballantyne, and never thought of it like special :idea:
  15. My cashmere is from all over, but I recently picked up a lovely sweater from Lamberto Losani - it's gorgeous. And a tiny English brand called Caz is wonderful too, some really neat designs.

    (P.S. Hi evoque! I reeeeally owe you an email - I cannot believe how often we run into each other on message boards! ;))