best carryon size?

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best carryon?

  1. weekender/voyage

  2. office

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  1. i want to get the blue india in a carryon size...which do you guys think is more practical?
  2. depends on how much stuff you want to hold in it.
    i wanted the weekender but it looked ridiculously big on me (i'm 5'0) so i went with the work.
  3. Work for me !!!
    but depends on the things you want to carry....
  4. I voted Work and use it all the time as my carryon
  5. I voted's a great looking size and holds quite a bit without looking gargantuous!
  6. I voted 'work/office' too :yes:
  7. although the work is my favorite style. for carryon... it's got to be the weekender. you can fit so much more in it... a light sweater, magazines, books, water bottle, snacks, etc...
  8. wow thanks for all the feedback! i'm really torn about the office because i'm afraid that it might be too similar to the city in size. those of you who have it, is it really similar to the city? i haven't 'tried on' any works. i have tried on the weekender though and i think it looks really cool.
  9. nope, i think the work is much bigger than the city & holds lots more :yes:
  10. the work is definitely bigger than the city. it's the depth that makes the difference. personally, the city doesn't work for me... i tend to overstuff and it makes it look squarish. sold all my cities. when carried, the work is closer to the weekender than it is to the city.
  11. I voted for the 'work'!
  12. I voted for work/office :smile: I find the weekender too big.
  13. I just came back from vacation with my weekender so I would definitely say that the weekender is definitely better for travel. When you travel you have so many more things to carry and a weekender holds everything.
  14. I agree. I've used my weekender for both plane and car trips and it truly fits everything. :yes: And unlike my Work, it doesn't look "stuffed" and loose its shape.