Best Cambon reporter combo color?

  1. Is it black/black, beige/ black or black/white?

    Which will be more timeless and match with everything?

    I'm thinking black/black or blakc/white

    IMO black/white pops more
  2. I agree the bl/white will pop more, but I'm not sure how the other owners feel about the white in terms of getting dirty, etc.

    Any owners of the bl/wh bags and how they like it to help Iluvbags?
  3. I'd vote for the more-subtle black/black combo. I'm into less "pop."

    I've got the reporter in chocolate brown w/ chocolate brown CCs. I think the tone-on-tone look makes the bag a little more elegant and sophisticated and classic, as opposed to trendy and young. It all depends on what you're looking for.
  4. ^^^Hmm. I never thought about it that way
  5. That sounds gorgeous! May we see pictures? The reporter is my dream bag, I dont think I'll ever own one though :sad:

    I've always been a fan of the beige/black combination as well.
  6. I adore the Reporter too! I want the black/black, since I would wear to my conservative work, I love that one and also the black with white CCs!
  7. Anyone have a pic modeling the black/white medium size??
  8. I used to have the beige/black and I loved it! Now I have the black calfskin on black and I love it just as much, if not more! I have a picture with the black on black if you'd like to see that, Iluvbags..
  9. Oh! I also have a picture with my old beige one, if you're still interested in that color combination.
  10. ^^^Yup I'd like to see pics of your old beige one.

    Would it be the same color beige/black that is currently on sale now?

    I heard there was an older version of beige and then they changed it to a different beige.

    I'm new to chanel so i just go by what the SA'a tell me. Sometimes they dont even know. LOL :P
  11. The beige should be the same that's on sale now since I had purchased this one in the first 30% Saks sale (back then who knew they would go WAY lower!)
    For Sale.jpg Picture 198.jpg
  12. Does anyone know if they have any beige reporters around anymore? :love:
  13. ^^^Oh that's you!!?

    I saw this pic. Nice.

    I was curious about the beige/ black. Does it match w/ stuff. It seems to be an odd colr to try and match.

    have you had any problems?
  14. I prefer the black/white- I think the contrast looks great.
  15. I no longer have my beige :cry: that's why I'm looking for a new one! I was scammed by someone in the Philippines..

    Anyways, at first I didn't even like the beige that much, it was just on sale and I didn't know they'd be reduced further, but now that it's gone I'd kill for another. It's actually very easy to match since it's a pretty neutral color (for some reason I didn't think it would match much either). Hope this helps, keep the questions coming!