Best Butt Cream f.y.i.

  1. :nuts: scary title! ;)

    For mothers of tots! and those w/eczema?:

    W/all my kids, diaper rash was never a big issue. But, when they teethed, it seemed horrible. Finally, w/my third, I discovered an AMAZING product. My 18mo. old girl is teething so bad and her poor little 'down below' was almost blistery (sorry if that was tmi for some of you:yucky: ...but important so you know how good this is)
    I called the pharm. and he immediately reccommended 'Dr. Smith's Diaper Ointment'. He said I'd see results in one day. I didn't believe him as she was very bad, particularly one area, and was ready to get an antibiotic. After 3 was 90% better and by the next day almost completely gone!! :yahoo: My poor babe had been sooo miserable and I could do nothing, so if this helps anyone...great!
    She has tiny patches of eczema on her wrists/feet and am going to try it there...:shrugs:
  2. My children are well past the diaper stages - thank goodness! My daughter though did have very sensitive skin as a small child. When she had diaper rash, a bottle with diluted cranberry juice never failed to clear it up in 24 hours or less. She is 14 now and still has some bouts with occasional eczema, especially in the fall and winter. Her never fail cure is a banana peel. Just rub it on the patch and it'll dissappear over the course of a few days. She never had it on her hands or wrists, only on the little fold between her bottom and the back of her thigh. She'd so kill me if she knew I was posting about this. Anyway, it's worth a shot if the cream doesn't work.
  3. :yes:Yes, she would! ha! I won't tell her you told me (and...the world!:biggrin:) THANK YOU SO MUCH re: banana peel!? Never heard of it, and my poor babe will rub her little feet on the carpet, sometimes breaking skin, as it drives her so crazy. I can't wait to try it. Does it....well...what does it do?:confused1: :confused1:
  4. Good to hear, my little cousin has eczema and it showed up shortly after he was born (now he's 8) .. he pretty much still struggles with it until today (a lot of it has to do with the foods he's eating, again a low acid/higher alkaline balanced diet is very important)
    Eczema is kind of similar to Psoriasis (which I've struggeld with since the age of e6)
    I heard some children develope it as babies then it clears up as they get older, hopefully thats the case and glad to hear you found a cream that works to relieve your little one : )
  5. Oh hon, I'm sorry...I've read up on Psoriasis some and that just seems like an awful and trying struggle. I hope yours isn't too bad.:sad:

  6. Thanks Mshel, it's improved a LOT after I balanced my diet properly - also climate matters, cold and humid temp. can be really bad, dry desert whether is much better for sufferers of eczema and psoriasis.
    A good book I'd recommend for either condition is "Healing Psoriasis: the natural alternative" by Dr. John A. Pagano. It's excellent and really helped me.

    I'm really glad you found something to relieve your little one, the itching can be really hard especially for young children since they'll cry a lot and you won't know why they're crying.