Best Business Travel Bag(s)

  1. Ladies & Gents,

    I travel quite a bit for business and have not yet learned the art of packing light so I end up with 2 handbags... 1 small with wallet/makeup and such (this will be my new Damier Speedy 30 from now on)... and 1 larger (small duffle) that has stuff I want to keep myself occupied on long flights (book, ipod and headphones, sketchbook, granola bars, cashews, a little blanket in case I get cold)... AND THEN I end up taking a backpack which has my work and personal laptops... this in ADDITION to the suitcase I've checked!! Now I'm only 5'1" so needless to say... I end up with soar shoulders and back by the time I get to the hotel... I was wondering what you LV folks take with you when you travel for business?

  2. I don't travel for business and I'm okay with my keepall... I think Eole might suits you. It has wheels, exterior pockets, is quite small and easier to open than Pegase during flight...
  3. Thanks moko007!

    As far as a good carryon are the Speedy 40 or 45 sufficient for everything but the 2 computers? I've tried to find modeling pics of the 40 and 45 but without being able to search its tough... I went through almost 20 pages of the reference library but no luck...