Best Business Bag? Help Me Pick!


Which Black Business Bag Should I Get

  1. Hamptons Business Tote

  2. Large Soho Satchel

  3. Large Gallery Tote

  4. Other

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  1. I'm looking for a classic business bag that can hold a fair amount of documents. I know it has to be black leather, but I'm stuck between the following:

    Hamptons Business Tote

    Soho Large Satchel

    Large Gallery Tote


    Other suggestions are welcome!

    Please help out. I'm going out tonight to do my PCE shopping!
  2. #2 is burnished leather, I believe. It will scratch easily. #1 is very durable and has rolled handles. #3 is ok if you like thin flat straps.
  3. I think the Hampton's is the most stylish and elegant of the 3. It is a beautiful bag and the pebbled leather is terrific.
  4. I like 1. It seems more stylish
  5. I voted for the leather gallery tote because I like how it looks the most... but I think any of them would be good...

    Here are the stats for all of them...

    - 8 1/2" drop
    - 20" handles
    - 16 1/2" x 10 1/2"

    Soho Satchel
    - 9 1/2" drop
    - 19" handles
    - 14 1/2 x 11 1/2

    Leather Gallery
    - 9" drop
    - 17 1/2" handles
    - 14" x 10"

    Oh and the average piece of paper is 8 1/2" x 11" ... and if you have things in a folder it might be even bigger...
    just something to think about ;)
  6. I had the large leather Gallery tote and it's an awesome bag. I bought a large Ergo tote shortly after that and decided to keep the Ergo instead, but I think the large Gallery tote would make a perfect business bag. :yes:
  7. Either #1 or #3. I like the styling of #1, but as I have mentioned before, not a fan of pebbled leather. Personally, I would go with #3.
  8. I love the Hamptons business tote -- looks classic, stylish and beautiful. I like the rolled handles and the braided leather strip -- so cute!
  9. Hey I have #1 in winter white, the "book tote" size. I grab it off my shelf more than any of my other bags, so I would recommend it.

    They say the pebbled leather can't be cleaned, but I used appleguard on mine without problems.

    Good luck.
  10. I definitely prefer #1. I still want to get one of them eventually. The last time I was at the San Marcos outlet they had a couple in brown and I came so close to getting one. It will have to be mine eventually.

    I wouldn't go with #2 because I had that one in white then returned it (but am re-buying it with PCE because I miss it) because the shape didn't seem conducive *sp* to holding documents. I think if you tried to use it for them, some might get curled on the edges due to the shape of the bag and the fact that you have to zip it.

    #1 you can carry with the top open, so if you get any larger size file folders or papers you need to carry, you won't have to worry about them getting bent or curled. Plus, the braiding on #1 is just dead sexy. I love it. *L*