best brush?


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Sep 8, 2006
hello ladies,

I'm looking for best brush.. foundation, blush, eye shadow, etc.
what's the best you could recommend me? Most of my make-up products are MAC, and I'm loving it.

thanks and y'all have a great day! :smile:

i currently use mac fluidliners, and as my liner brush, i use MAC 269, it's a synthetic brush i believe. i use MAC 239 for blending in my eyeshadow

for blush, i love the MAC 129. I also use it for bronzer. it doesnt streak the color onto my face and is great for buffing

I use creme/liquid foundation. I also use a mac brush. i think its number 190?

i experienced some shedding with the 129, but after a few washes with johnson baby shampoo, it went away.

i have also tried bobbi brown brushes, but i find that MAC brushes have worked better in my case

i hope i helped!!
My favourite brushes are:

Stila #8 Powder Brush (softest brush ever!)
Stila #9 All Over Blending Brush (for blending eye shadow)
Stila #15 Dual Ended Eye Brush

MAC #187 Stippling Brush (great for pigmented blushes)
MAC #182 Buffer Brush (good for powder foundation)
I bought the Bobbi Brown set about four years ago and they are still in great shape. They still look new. I think it was about $230 at the time and they came in a leather case. Best investment I ever have made.
anything mac!

my favorite brush....the duo fibere brush....(more commonly known as the skunk brush. dont worry it doesnt come from skunk...its just black and white)

you can use it for FOUNDATION, BLUSH, POWDER, SKINFINISH SHIMMER, BRONZER, pretty much anything for the face. its great and it will last you forever! it gives a light air brush effect (but you can apply as much of the product as you want obviously) and it uses the least product for the most effect so you are saving a lot of product with this brush. I think its about $45
Another vote for Bobbie Brown! I have used MAC brushes, and some are good, but some shed a LOT!

I decided to repace the "shedding" brushes, and chose Bobbie Brown. WOW-they are great brushes!!! I highly recommend them.
I love Sephora's "bronzer" brush to use with my MAC studiofix powder. It blends it very well giving me coverage without the heavy feel or look.

I love Smashbox for all other brushes.
I am a professional stylist and makeup artist and in my kit I use mostly Trish McEvoy and MAC brushes. I especially like the MAC 224 for eyeshadow and's my very favorite!