Best Brunette??

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  1. Hi Ladies!

    I need some help! I can getting my hair colored and highlighted in about 3 hours and would like to take a picture with me. I can't think of any celebs or models with what I would like done tho!

    I currently have light brown hair with ash blonde highlights but want to go to a more dramatic dark ash brown color ( nothing red or orange-ish). I was also thinking about throwing in some lighter highlights just to make it pop more.

    Can you guys think of anyone with hair color like this?!! I dont want a black/brown but just a nice dark ash brown! Yikes! this is so last minute....:sweatdrop:

  2. I really like this color on Hillary




    good luck and post after pics!!
  3. I love Emmy Rossum's hair. I think she is SO pretty!

    Two years ago, I went from a honey color with lighter blonde highlights to a single process chocolate brown and I haven't changed it since. I LOVE it.

  4. Thanks for the input!!

    I ended up finding a picture of Victoria Beckham with her new bob cut pre-blonde. I love the way it turned out!
  5. Any pics?!