Best Brown for a Birkin

  1. Hi all,

    If I am lucky enough to snag a Birkin, I'd think Id like a 35cm in Togo or Fjord. My dilimma is which of the brown shades woulod work best. I am weighing the merits of Chocolat, Ebene and Havane. (I already have a Bolide in Gold Gulliver and a Birkin in grey graphite veau lisse.) I am leaning towards the Chocolat as an all-around brown, thinking the Ebene a little dark and the Havane as too red. But I would love to have input. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Marron Fonce in Fjord! That's what I have! It's so rich just like chocolate!
  3. I have not seen Cafe in person yet; the picture I saw looks a little light, but I will check it out!

    Marron Fonce is a great idea! Baggaholic, is the Fjord heavy to carry? What are its advantages versus Togo?
  4. I love chocolate personally of the dark browns.

    A lot of your questions about leather and colors can be answered with the Hermes reference section. There are lots of swatches there as well.
  5. Cafe isn't coming in Fjord.

    I have ebene and a chocolate on the way, the choc is typically chocolate toned, the ebene has a lot of black in it. Marron Fonce is divine, but I haven't seen it in ages. A really lovely rich brown, between choc and ebene.
  6. I like Chocolate :heart:
  7. I have a chocolat in Clemence. I purchased it in an Hermes store so I know it is authentic. It is very dark and after reading many posts,I was questioning both colour and leather! I checked with my Store Director and she states chocolate,clemence. I love the colour and the gold hardware,I find it is easy to wear with most colours. I am trying to get pictures posted but they are not great.
  8. ^ Duch, are you thinking it might be ebene? Sometimes the SA's are wrong about colours and leathers.
  9. Returned, but here is chocolate in Epsom( I generally don't like Epsom, but loved it in Chocolate)
    2.jpg 4.jpg
  10. Hi Grands Fonds,
    I thought it may be another colour, as when I picked it up
    my Store Director(she owns the franchise)went to check after I asked the colour and leather. I purchased it around June 13th.(She telephoned,stated 35cm,chocolate,goldHW) I said yes. Credit card on file,done.
    I picked it up around 22,July. It is darker than the monogram Louis Vuitton and does not read red to me.
  11. what leather, Duch? I have my ebene in clemence and it's really dark in that leather. The pix above of Starrs bag are fairly accurate for choc, but I would say choc in togo is ever so slightly lighter.
  12. I would say the pictures of Starrs are pretty close. I will get some pictures outside tomorrow. I am hopeless at digital cameras but my housekeeper has taken so many for me we just have to get my husband or son to post them.
  13. I am not a "brown" fan except for chocolate box... it is gorgeous, espe when it has developed the patina
  14. Duch, I'm thinking it's Ebene too. If I am not mistaken (well, I could well be), Chocolate does not come in Clemence, but Togo.