Best Bronzer?

  1. Hey, just wanted to see some suggestions for a really good, and long lasting bronzer. I have the chanel powder bronzer and the new chanel gel bronzer, but they dont seem to last long.

    Has anyone ever used Stila powder bronzer?
  2. I use the Clarins Gel Bronzer its pretty good...
  3. I use NARS "Laguna" and am very happy with it.
  4. i love Benefit's Hoola
  5. I use the Nars "orgasm/laguna" combo from sephora and it works very well. I also like Cargo and Mac bronzers blushes.
  6. NARS LAguna !
  7. if you want a body bronzer, i really suggest philosophy big skinny. it is the perfect shade (not yellow/orange), doesn't streak, doesnt stain, and made me look skinnier! lol.
  8. Thanks for the tip! There are two versions - Bronze and Nude, which one are you referring to?
  9. ^^ i use nude because i am fair skinned and it looks pretty natural.
  10. Oh me too! Cool I'll get the nude one... Thanks for the tip! :tup:
  11. I used my MAC sunstrip bronzer yesterday and even went was still on.
  12. I have been using lancome and it gives me the best natural looking last for a week.
  13. wow - it last a week?
    Do you use any other products?
  14. I'm liking the Clinique True Bronze in Sunkissed, but I'm always on the lookout for something new!
  15. I used the Refined Golden Bronzer powder from MAC.

    I like it. I want to try this new NARS now though.