Best Bronzer for Fair Skin?

  1. Hi! I am wondering what you all recommend for a bronzer (preferably a powder) for me. I have extremely fair skin, with a definite pink tone to it, and very very dark brown hair. Every time I try a bronzer, even a light one, it has mainly yellow and brown tones to it so it looks either orange or dirty on me, even if I apply it very lightly.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also--I could use some recommendations on how to best apply it. Every time I try to focus on cheeks, forehead, places that the sun would naturally hit, I end up looking all patchy and feel the need to blend it (which then looks just like I have the wrong color facial powder on).

    Thanks in advance!
  2. try guerlain blondes bronzer even though you are brunette :smile: (it has some pink tones)

    or.. cargo light bronzer.
  3. NARS Laguna bronzer
  4. Bagsaremylife, for what seems like the umpteenth time, may I suggest you contact this lady called Luca? Her shop, lushboxinc, can be found here:

    She offers a bronzer powder but as she does custom mineral foundation kits upon request, it might be a good idea to contact her for advice, to see if she can make something that will work best for your skin.

    Good luck!
  5. yep, NARS laguna for me too
  6. also in the fair skin club. I have yellow tones to my skin instead of pink, so I have a problem finding the right bronzer as well.
  7. I am VERY fair and LOVE MAC bronzer in 'golden.' It is the perfect bronzer and never streaks or looks orange on me. I use a bit fat brush and swirl it on my cheeks, under the chin, tips of my ears and just basically anywhere that would naturally catch the sun.
  8. I'm using some L'oreal Tru Blend liquid bronzer I picked up on sale at target. they have a cool, neutral, or warm version for pale skin depending on what your skin tends to be (mine is warm, sounds like you're closer to cool).

    I just put it on with a sponge on my cheeks and nose and put powder on top.
  9. I also use MAC Golden - it's perfect for fair skin! My only problem with it is that the powder comes loose very easily and I tend to have to blow away a ton of excess powder every time I use it.
  10. Bobbi Brown in rose

  12. I've been using one by Bourjois. It comes in a palette, and is shaped like a chocolate bar (it's in powder form). Smells delish and is subtle but noticeable.