Best Bras for a Big Bust

  1. Hi Ladies,
    I need some recommendations on bras for us well endowed ladies:graucho:
    I'm a 34D-DD, depending on the brand. I have a few of the VS Ipex, but am looking for some more bras that look great and have support, no granny bras allowed. Thanks for your help gals.
  2. Wacoal is the best. Go to Nordstrom or another large store and get fitted. Your twins will thank you. ;)
  3. I think you meant to post this in the Wardrobe ;)!
  4. Chantalle, or chantille (forgot the spelling), le mystere, wacoal. The first two..... really sexy cuts but it has a huge pricetag.
  5. Didn't like Wacoal-LOVE Le Mystere though! I have the Dream Tisha and the Carrinna.
  6. i just tried on a la mystiere bra the other day (a dream tisha i think was the style name) and it was amazing. and they came in every size under the sun (cup sizes from AA to F, bands from 32 to 42) they're going to be my next bras.

    i also like wacol and bali seamless minimizers. for pretty bras, elle macphereson's new line is gorgeous.
  7. Where can you find Elle MacPhereson's new line???

    Ladies, thanks so much for all the help. Sorry if I posted in the wrong area.
  8. i've only seen it at Nordstrom Elle Macpherson Intimates -

    the first set on that page is my absolute favorite pretty bra ever. i need a special occasion so i can justify buying it. :supacool:
  9. Same issue - do these makers do a racer back?
  10. I am a 34D as well and have had problems finding comfy affordable non-granny bras. Lately I have settled on Victoria's Secret, Fredrick's of Hollywood, Betsey Johnson, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, and Tommy Hilfiger (I was particularly shocked about the last one too). All of them make affordable, pretty, and comfy bras regularly available in a 34D. Also, I should mention that the other thing I look for in addition to the above is a slightly padded/molded underwire cup. As I get older, the girls need a little more "encouragment" to stay put.
  11. Champion

    while they aren't that sexy. I find that they offer amazing coverage support and very little bounce.

    I am a 36D(full). So I do understand how frustrating it can be to find supportive bras.
  12. Call and get the BraSmyth catalog. It is great, nice selection of bras.
    LeMystere and Chantelle are my favorites. Wacoal molded bras are nice. I have heard that the Elle McP. bras are not really well made--fall apart easily. My friend swears by Layne Bryant they have a line that starts with a C____. She says they are comfortable and last forever. You can view them online. Nordstroms probably has the best selection. It is hit or miss and you really need to try on different styles and even different sizes in some bras. I love Prima Donna bras but at $90.00 + a bra it gets expensive. I think they are the most comfortable bras I ever wore.
  13. Thanks so much, I know what you mean about "encouragement" to stay put. That's so cute.:yahoo: :yahoo:
  14. Elle macpherson is great. You can find it at Nordstrom. Saks. and I also recommend Fantasie. NO VS, they have no support.
  15. Thank so much for all the feedback gals, I really appreciate it.