Best brands for petite figures?

  1. I'm 4 11" and usually wear a size 0. I always have trouble finding cute clothes that aren't too big on me. What brands do you other petite ladies out there wear?
  2. Aritzia in canada........ XXXs is the smallest i've seen, love it :pI'm usually a XS or XXS though
  3. Hi chanel-girl I'm not sure what type of jeans you like, but for me, I love Citizen of Humanity jeans:love:, specifically the paley ankle lengths and they are available in a variety of washes and colors. Because I'm short the ankle lengths are perfect skinny jeans, that I can tuck into boots or wear with heels. I just recently bought a pair in red from and I love them. The denim is soft and the way the jeans fit really show off my curves.

    Other brands I wear are Joe's provocateur, specifically the harvey wash and 575's. BTW I'm also 4'11, about 100lbs. I know all too well how hard it is to find clothes that fit and are available in my size :p.
  4. I love Sevens and have them shortend with the orginal hem re-attached. I know that Seven know has a petite jean but the inseam is probably still a little too long...I wear a 24 and some pairs of Sevens in a 24 are a little big...
  5. The only pair of jeans that I have not had to hem was a pair of 575. All others I've had to hem. But I heard that Lucky's Brand jeans have a short length that may work on us. I'm 5' so I know how you feel.
  6. Two words: ANN TAYLOR!

    ETA: And: JOE'S JEANS!
  7. I have the same problem I'm 5'1. I like levis jeans , they have jeans for petites. I also agree Ann Taylor is great for petites , Express is alright.
  8. I am 4'10", 97lbs. I normally buy:

    Jacket: Diane Von Fursternberg, Jcrew, Banana Republic
    Blazer: Jcrew, Banana Republic, Theory
    T-Shirt: Banana Republic, Jcrew, Rauph Lauren Girl, Petit Bateau
    Pant: Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor Loft, Banana Republic, Jcrew
    Skirt: Diane Von Fursternberg, Jcrew, Banana Republic
  9. There are some other threads discussing petite jeans. Specifically, people really like the petite styles made by Joe's Jeans (the Provocateur) and by Paige Denim.
  10. the tailor is the way to go. i buy petite sizes from jcrew and banana republic, but for other brands i love, i just get them hemmed or wear them differently (i.e. a tunic becomes a minidress, etc). a tailor can fix if its too long in the torso or hemming the length.
  11. What I have found fits me very well is Theory since they make a 00 and I love the fabrics and streamline styles
  12. For work, I shop almost exclusively at Banana Republic because they make petite pants. I go for the Martin and Ryan fit.

    Seven makes petite length, although very selected styles. It's worth it though, imo to get the right proportions. Sometimes hemming takes away some of the flare and looks slightly off.

    And often, I buy Gap or H&M kids.
  13. I'm about 84 jeans ever in no particular order: siwy, 575, paige, hudson. Work clothes: club monaco suit jacket and slacks 00 and bcbg
  14. Juicy Couture, Banana Republic, Seven