Best brand of makeup?

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  1. So I rarely wear makeup and I think I pretty much suck at it, but I wanted to know which brand do you think has the best makeup??

    Chanel, Nars, Mac.....etc.


    (price is really not a factor)
  2. Wow...that's a tough one to narrow down esp for me because I have no loyalty! And not all brands are super hot in all their products.

    I love MAC - their e/s, lipstick/glosses, mascaras, brushes. But their foundations are awful. JMHO.

    I don't see a lot of negative posts about any chanel products (except the price - ?) so maybe they are a contender for Best All Around (in the Olympic spirit, LOL).
  3. I personally love Presciptives, YSL, and Laura Mercier.
  4. I am all about MAC.
  5. Depends on specialty IMHO:

    MAC--whole line, but best at lippies, eyeshadows, and blushes (especially 'trendier' colors)
    Laura Mercier--Foundations, concealers
    Dior/Chanel (Tie)--Lipglosses, Eyeshadows, Mascara
  6. Mac & Dior
  7. The brands that cover all my needs are MAC and Chanel.
  8. MAC
    NARS for blushes
    STILA for face bronzer
  9. It's hard to say which brand of make up is really "the best". What's best for you may not be the best for somebody else because they have a different skin or their needs are different so they are looking for a different criteria in make up. I,personally, don't have a favorite brand. I have favorite things in every brand that I love. Chanel for example - I love their eyeshadows, but after trying and buying numerous lipsticks from Chanel I discovered I don't like their lipsticks. Dior for example makes my favorite foundation and I haven't been anything that great in any brand. I love love Dior's listicks, shadows and mascaras, but I hate Dior's blushes as they always make me break out like a HS kid. Bobbi brown I love the majority of things made by this brand but their mascara is a bit too blah for me, so I had to look for mascara somewhere else and found great volumizing mascara amongst YSL and MAC.

    Overall, you see that there is not best brand at least for me - It's a combination of products from multiple brands that best suit my needs.
  10. smashbox
  11. another vote for mac!
  12. Chanel and Trish McEvoy. I also really enjoy certain Clinique makeup items, but Chanel and Trish are by far my all time favorite lines.
  13. Make Up For Ever and MAC
  14. I love MAC for their lip and eye stuff, but I use Clinique foundation and Bourjois blushes.
  15. Chanel

    But I'm only using their fragrances, lipsticks and lip glosses nowadays because I've switched to dry mineral foundation. I used to have their e/s compacts but the newer colors don't really appeal to me.