**BEST** Brand of designer jeans for PETITE GRL

  1. I am about 5"1 and 105 lbs

    I am looking for skinny jeans preferably comfortable jeans
    Can any one suggest a good brand?

    Usually I have to get jeans hemmed cause even the sizes 1/3 are too long :s

    frustrating sometimes

    suggestions please! :yes:
  2. i have the same problem. i still have yet to find the perfect designer jeans for myself....
  3. PAIGE!!!!!

    She makes petites now!
  4. i like express
  5. Hi! I'm 5'1" and 98 lbs. I have a pair of Diesel skinny jeans and they fit like a glove and i didn't even have to alter them. My old Kelly and Ingrid COH jeans gives me more curves in the rear and are very comfy. I absolutely LOVE my 7 year old Seven New York Medium jeans. They are so broken in with holes, but they fit my small frame to perfection. I've wasted money trying out different jeans, but those ones are my personal favorites. Good luck!! :tup::heart:
  6. i'm 5'2 and i end up tailoring all of my good jeans. i've found my favorite brands to be paige or joe's for my frame
  7. try rich & skinny
  8. I'm 4 11" and size 0 and always have a hard time finding pants that fit. I almost alwasy have to have my pants hemmed but tell the tailor to reattach the orginal hem so you dont have that hemmed look. I love Seven for all mankind in the classic stretch bootcut, the only thing is that when you wear them for a while they do stretch out a little over time. Seven and Joes makes shorter jeans and apparently so does Paige. I did try on the Joe's Provactor and they were still much too long though...also Banana Republic has great petites in general.