Best Boutiques and Overall Shopping in St. Louis

  1. Hi Everyone!

    I am going to St. Louis on saturday and spending the night. On Saturday I would like to go shopping, but the only place I know of is Frontenac shopping center (with Saks and Neimans)... Anyone know of some cute upscale boutiques or something? actually, any info about shopping would be helpful. oh and if anyone has any resteraunt reccomendations (for lunch and dinner) let me know!

    Thanks for your help!
  2. Cardwell's at Frontenac is AWESOME to eat at (lunch and dinner). I would try to make reservations for dinner, because it gets crowded. The Galleria is the other big mall here. It doesn't have the high end department stores, but it does have a Sephora and Anthropologie. I just moved back here after being out of the area for four years, so I don't know too much about boutiques. There are some between Frontenac and the Galleria on Clayton Rd. (in the Ladue area). Also, check out The Loop and The Central West End for restaurants and other boutiques. The Loop is by the Washington University in St. Louis campus and serves as the dining location for all of the students - so there is a fair amount there. The Central West End is near Barnes Jewish Hospital. . . Good luck!
  3. If you are looking for some foreign food(Bosnian) try Grbic Restaurant. It has some good food. Shopping wise I think the Galleria is nice and West County Mall has a Nordstrom and H&M and a couple other descent stores.
  4. thank you girls! ill have to check these places out!