Best body shaper for under a pencil skirt..

  1. I searched previous posts and none fit my specific needs so I hope you ladies can help me. I am wearing a high-waisted pencil skirt(black halo) this weekend and after my second baby things are not as they once were. It will also be my "puffy" time of the month.:shame: I am looking for the best body shaper to help me with the puffiness that happens once a month and to help me look a little more toned/smooth. But enable me to breath, any past experience? Thoughts and advice are welcome. I am considering lipo in a box, spanx and Donna karen waist embrace. thanks so much!
  2. Definetely Spanx. Get the "High waisted" power panty. It goes all the way from right underneath your breasts to your you will be covered in the areas you need most. Also, I find that spanx ALWAYS make my butt look amazing. Also, it's only $34, which is such a bargain for an amazing product :smile: I own 3 pairs!
  3. I would get either one of those things that looks like a high waisted mini-skirt. I wouldn't do the kind that has legs (like shorts), because those things tend to be soooo tight that they create a little bulge at the leg opening :s...
  4. I recommend Spanx body shapers. They are super great! Check out their website:
  5. ok, I am going to take the skirt with me to Nordies, that way i can see exactly how it looks and if it makes any lines. thanks for the input, the lipo in a box seems a bit pricey so hopefully spanx will work!
  6. Spanx hide and seek is good, and so is Donna Karen collection. [​IMG]

    I notice that after a few washings though, the seams of my Donna Karen shapewear tends to curl in a bit, causing weird "rolls" when I wear it underneath form-fitting skirts and dresses... I have the one pictured above.
  7. never heard of lipo in a box. anyone have any experience with it?
  8. They had lipo in a box on oprah, and before and after pix on their website, but it looks like it might be uncomfortable. Please let me know if you have tried it, I would love to know.
  9. spanx! they are the best!
  10. Are there anyh stores in NYC that carry spanx?
  11. has anyone tried the one that hooks to your bra?
  12. Spanx:tup:
  13. Bergdorfs, Saks, Lord & Taylor, Bloomingdales all have them. I don't think Macys does, but the one in NYC might...
  14. Lane Bryant carries Spanx!!!