Best Body Scrub?

  1. Hi everyone. I was just wondering who you thought makes the best body scrub?
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  3. I absolutely love Locctaine mande exfoliating and defining delicious paste, you put it on right before you shower, when you come out put on the Locctaine almond milk body lotion and your skin feels so soft.

    Never felt better. I just bought some more. Not cheap but worth it.
  4. Me, I love Cellex-C speed peel body polish. Works great.
  5. I love Philosophy Hot Salt Scrub. I have it in Amazing Grace scent and the new EmpowerMint. I love them both!
  6. I LOVE the body gommage by Decleor. Nothing makes me feel as silky smooth, and it prevents ingrown hairs after waxing, too. I also like Fresh body sugar becuase it smells amazing, but it leaves me a little sticky. I keep buying it though, for the way it makes my bathroom smell so divine after a shower.
  7. Those Japanese bath cloths (exfoliating) in bright colors like pink and yellow (most often sold in import stores) work wonders. Use WITH an exfoliating scrub like Victoria's Secret sugar scrubs, and your dead skin is a thing of the past. Exfoliating scrubs by themselvs get you mostly greasy... the SCRUBBER that you use with it is the key to getting the best exfoliation. Think about it... sugar scrubs will dissolve when water touches it, those silicone beads in some scrubs are just too soft...
    Those scrubbies are the key to my buttah soft skin!
  8. Jaqua - not greasy at all!

    Other than that, stuff i buy from TJMaxx and Marshall's or make my own!
  9. I just love Laura Mercier's Creme Brulee Sugar Scrub, it's probably not the best but the smell is amazing :nuts: .
  10. Sun Valleys exfoliating sugar scrub is really good. The scent nectarine smells so good. I got it from melaleuca because my mom's friend is a consultant.
  11. I second the Cocoa Butter body scrub from The Body Shop. I also like their Africa Spa Salt scrub.
  12. I completely concur with Vuittonhammie on those cloths! They are DA BOMB!!!! Just moisturize afterwards. You'd be amazed at how much dead skin you can slough off with those. I sometimes go to this Korean spa where they use that stuff before moisturizing you head to toe and it's amazing.

  13. So where do you get those...what exactly are they called. Sounds like something I'd like to try!