Best Body Moisturizing Creams

  1. I spend tons of money on cosmetics, especially body moisturizers and I have one real favorite to share with you, its Frederick Fekkai Creme Luxeuse (pardon the spelling), first heard about it on Oprah--it is wonderful and the smell is to die for, very heavy and luxurious. Runs $65 per jar. I also love Tova body creme (medium thickness), , Laura Mercier almond body souffle on the lighter side.

    Would love to hear yours.
  2. The body shop's body butter :biggrin: I love the mango one.
  3. La Mer's The Body Creme! Honestly, I can't say enough good things about the brand! It's a little expensive but really, really worth it! It's so luxurious and whenever my skin's really dry, it's the only thing that helps.
  4. I am very dry and I have bought every expensive brand out there and I have finally found something that works...Jergens new Shea Butter formula. Cheap and great!
  5. I have tried many expensive body cream, but with my dry skin....I think Keri lotion is still the best.
  6. Kiehl's original creme de corps.. just massage it in and wait for a little while to sink in.
  7. Just for good no frills moisturizing I reallt like Cetaphil cream - the one in the tub.
  8. palmers cocoa butter it's good for scars/stretch marks to
  9. I love Nivea Silky Smooth..for drier skin I use the white nivea tub and its great for hands too! L'oreal body expertise was great but it was discontinued.
  10. Carol's Daughter Mango Melange Shea Souffle

    it's light and fluffy but moisturizes like a body butter... reasonably-priced (16oz. for $25) and smells de-LISH!!!
  11. Body shop body butter :smile:
  12. LaMer's super fabulous...and an interesting thing is that after you use it for a while, it starts to absorb into your skin and if you skip a day your skin still will feel silky smooth (that's how the SA described it anyway, but it really does work).
  13. Jacqua body butters are my favorite. I'm still pissed that they discountinued the marshmallow scent.
    Also, I like this company's products. The smells are fantastic!
  14. I'd say neutrogena