Best Blush Ever!

  1. I'm loving Nars cactus flower these days. Anyone else? It's the perfect summer blush color. A pop of pink with just a hint of sparkle.

    What's your summer holy grail blush?
  2. I use NARS Orgasm and NARS Sin
  3. I love NARS orgasm too.
  4. Tarte all the way! Although I keep hearing so many raves about Nars that I'll be trying it next week when I'm in Sephora.
  5. I really like the Benetint.
  6. I used NARS Orgasm exclusively for the past 4 years of so. I'm so happy with it, I don't even have the urge to try anything else.
  7. Hmmm does the orgasm color work on most skin tones?
  8. ^I use it and I have a medium skin tone (I'm Filipino). I loooove it. I admit I totally bought it because of word of mouth and because I kept hearing about it in magazines, but I wouldn't consider using anything else now.
  9. I love NARS orgasm too! Bought it to try it out and havent used anything else since...:tup:
  10. ^It's lasted me a really long time. I'm still on my first compact. I just love how it shimmers when it's in the compact. :biggrin:
  11. I use MAC Plumfoolery.

    It is impossible to find Nars in my city. Does the orgasm blush shimmer a LOT? (don't like that). If not,I could order it from Amsterdam sight unseen...
  12. ah, nars - orgasm - all the way! :yes:
  13. Nars Orgasm is good but I prefer Nars Deepthroat. Nars make the best blush imo.
  14. I love blush but never used Nars before... I think I'm missing out! I'm going to pick up some today then!

  15. i've heard a lot about NARS orgasm too! I'll give it a try when I go to sephora tomorrow