Food best blender for smoothies?


Apr 15, 2007
I'm looking for one that will crush ice well. My fridge has the ice maker in the bottom and doesn't dispense crushed ice... only makes the cubes. I've been smoothie crazy lately and want something that isn't junky. I've had some in the past that have burned out within a few uses. I see many on sale at right now and wondering if any of those are any good. If anyone has any suggestions please share :smile: Thanks!!:ty:


Jun 18, 2007
Not sure what the proper terms are, but the chrome kind with a single switch work best IMO. The cheap plastic ones, even with an "ice crusher" setting, aren't really made for crushing ice. It's okay once in a while, but if you're putting ice in it all the time the blades are going to get really dull and the motor will crap out....


Nov 13, 2006
I have the Oster 2-speed stainless steel blender. I got it at Bed, Bath & Beyond and got the set that can with both the glass and stainless steel canisters. It is sold out now but I expect BB&B will get it back. It's great for smoothies that's what I use it for.

You can get the blender alone but it usually just comes with the glass canister, so I like the set that includes the stainless steel canister.

Sounds like the Breville is more powerful, but so far I've been happy with Oster.


is really in love...
Oct 4, 2006
I've killed 3 blenders because I make these yogurt smoothies for the kids every day - I use a lot of nonfat yogurt and TONS of frozen fruit like strawberries. mango, blueberries, etc., and it's always knocked out the blades or burned out the motor. Just terrible. So after much much much research, I settled on a L'Equip blender and I've used it straight for over a year now - I love that blender.