best blemish treatment

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  1. What do you use? I have a couple (stress induced and sleep deprivation!) of zits and I want to zap them. I'm headed out shopping in a bit and thought I'd ask what everyone likes.

    Damn zits...:cursing:
  2. have you tried tea tree oil?
  3. I like La Roche Posay Effaclar AI Targeted breakout Cream Corrector.
  4. What about that one that jessica simpson promotes?
  5. ^^ Proactive?
  6. Extractor tool + Mario Badescu drying lotion. It works every time!

  7. I 2nd this! :P
  8. I have used it before. I had a bad reaction to it. I got red, flaky irritated skin. I'm very, very fair and freckly which translates into, "I have truly sensitive skin."
  9. Thanks for the replies, ladies. I'm googling Badescu. I always stick with Bliss YAWKI but it doesn't do much for breakouts. I'm checking into the suggestions. =D
  10. Clean and Clear makes a really good one. Comes in a white tube. I think it's called Persa Gel.
  11. ^^^ i was going to suggest persa gel. been using it since i started getting pimples, and am going to use some tonight. :censor:
  12. There are threads about this. Check the forum for threads on MB and other suggestions.

    Mario Badescu drying lotion and buffering lotion is the best to get rid of any blemish.
  13. try Obagi works great for me !:tup:
  14. i've been using Kate Somerville Eradikate. it's a little weird, cause you have to dip a q-tip into the sediment and apply it, but it's been working wonders!