Best black tights

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  1. What are you fav brand of opaque black tights? I want something not shiny, comfortable and that look great on. THanks
  2. Spanx. I love my spanx tights. I usually find them discounted at stores like Century 21 (in nyc) and marshalls/tjx
  3. I haven't bought them in a while, so they could have changed, but I love Old Navy tights.
  4. Spanx. But for a less expensive option still good betsey johnson and anne klein. Not AS good as spanx, but if you don't care about control top then they are fantastic! And I stock up when their 3 packs go on sale at winners/tjmax 14.99.
  5. Kate Spade has great tights too! that and HUE
  6. I never even thought of hue!!! They are fantastic! I own grey ones, 3 different patterned ones and royal blue ones! Since I don't have them in black they never crossed my mind. They are fantastic though!
  7. ^^ oh yeah, Hue is a great brand.
  8. Agree with all those who said Spanx. The "Tight End Tights" are the ones I'm referring to.
  9. I have a pair of DKNY that I love!
  10. I really like my Hue tights.
  11. Agree with Hue! I have the thickest tights from them without a hint of shine to the fabric.
  12. seriously....I buy tights from Walmart- no joke. They are great and do what black opaque tights are supposed to do.

    What is so good about $32.00+ tights?
  13. To me, it is not about the cost of the tights, rather I am more concerned about the comfortability and durability of the tights. I have sensitive skin and these tights are not itchy like some tights and are amazingly durable. I have had a pair of Wolford opaque tights for 2 years that I have worn and washed repeatedly and they have NO snags or runs. I find that the quality is impeccable as opposed to cheapie tights that you buy and throw out 2 days later from snagging.

    So think about it this way, your repeat buying of multiple pairs of Wal-Mart tights just might exceed the cost of one pair of good quality tights. So please do not knock them until you try them. Thanks.