BEST BLACK shoulder bag?????????

  1. What is the most gorgeous black shoulder bag??? I am looking for a black shoulder bag but it must be LARGE and the strap can't be short (do not want it to fall right under my armpit!). Any designer and any price range. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!! Either "outragous" or "plain" is fine!:biggrin:
  2. i just got this one by andrew marc and i think it's the best :smile:


    here's a link to my full review: Grechen's Closet - It's not you, it's your closet.

    i would totally recommend it. i've been carrying it every day for about a week and love it to death. it's so comfortable to carry, it holds everything, and i always want to just touch the leather :love:

    you can get it at luna boston for 20% off (code grechen)
  3. YSL Muse - I just got one myself and am loving it.
  4. Gretchen~ OMG! I click on your link and I am finding myself in love with this beautiful yummy bag!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!

    Large Parina Bag



  5. Is it heavy? Is the strap long?
  6. LOL!! i was going to recommend that too - in black of course - i LOVE LOVE LOVE it. i use it mostly when i have to take my laptop, but it's truly fabulous. the shape is the best.
  7. I have the large (the middle of the three sizes) and I don't carry a lot of stuff in it, so I don't find it heavy - I took it shopping for hours this past weekend and it wasn't heavy or annoying at all The straps on mine fit over my shoulder perfectly, but I have to admit, the weather has been warm here lately, so I have not tried carrying it over a heavy coat yet.
  8. Thanks! It's now on my list to check out!!!!
  9. I like Miu Miu's coffer bag.
  10. The Hermes Kelly!!!!!!

    Comes in big sizes with an attachable shoulder strap. CHC!
  11. The muse can get heavy and although I can use it as a shoulder bag (I am small) it is a snug fit (without a coat on!). No contest between the Kelly and the Muse IMO.
  12. I don't believe it!!!! I saw that bag and LOVED it.
  13. can you use the discount at the store?
  14. I am really enjoying my black Hayden-Harnett Havana. It's big, soft, smooshy, the strap is just the right length, and the little details are lovely. I was at an event on saturday and left the Havana in the car...but I missed it and had to go back out and get it. I know that's silly, but...what's a girl to do? :shrugs:

    Hayden-Harnett Handbags & Accessories - Havana Large Hobo, Black Detail
  15. Hmmmm. I have an immense laptop. Would a 17" laptop fit in the Gustto Parina (large)?