best black balenciaga?

  1. I want to get a black balenciaga that i can just use everyday. i can't decide between the city, motorcycle, or twiggy. What do you guys think?? I want it in black and I'm really petite.

    Thanks! I would love any advice~
  2. Is this your first Bbag? How much stuff do tou carry?
  3. Would you consider the Purse/shopper style? It's similar to the first's shape/look but almost as big as the city, yet looks smaller on. It hangs very easily on the shoulder with the long handles. It's also very clean looking without the extended zippers and extra strap so it's a nice style in black.
  4. yeah, it'll be my first balenciaga. i don't carry too much a normal amount.
  5. I think the city is a good everyday size:smile:
  6. I agree. I prefer the City for everyday use.

  7. I am in the exact situation!! I was thinking I'd like a black b.bag that fits as much as a speedy 25 or 30. Is that the city?
  8. City!!
  9. The City is a great size...I don't think it'll look huge on you and it will hold everything you need!
  10. City :yes:
  11. City but I also like the twiggy.
  12. city
  13. If you dont need to carry too much then I think the First (good 4 day or night). the city if u need to carry more.
  14. I think the City is a classic in black -- incredibly good looking! It can hold plenty, but also looks good if you just have a few things in it. Nice!!
  15. I have the purse style in black and i love it- love it.