Best Birkin color for day and night????HELP

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  1. I am choosing the best color for a birkin which I can use for day and night...any suggestions?
  2. I think size is more of a decision than colour to be able to use it in the evening. I wouldn't use my 35 as an evening bag but think the 25 is perfect however could be a little small for day use
  3. I stand 5ft and 3 inches, I decided to get the 30cm already because the 35 was too big for me and 25 is too small for what things I usually carry.
    My DH finally decided to buy me one, actuallly 3choices of colors are what I am eyeing now: Chocolate, Marron Fonce or Etoupe. What do you think?:girlsigh:
  4. Perhaps, you can choose gold hardware for either of your options, to make the bag "dressier" for night
  5. I'm not sure that chocolate would be special enough looking for an evening bag, I adore that colour but to me something about it is more day. Etoupe would be good as it's so versatile
  6. I would go with etoupe if you're planning on using it for day and night.
  7. Etoupe!!! envy...:girlsigh:
  8. I always go for black in the evening, but etoupe is my second favorite. It is a really great color and works with many different looks!
  9. 25 black would be perfect for the evening but 30 can go for day and evening! No dought on the color. Black.
  10. Etoupe would be a great neutral and it is different from black. Also depends on the leather, a grained leather will look too casual for evening. For a day to night look with a 30cm, I'd probably go for swift or box.

    Just my personal opinion, if Rouge H is a color choice, I think that would work very well from day to night. Most people wear dark colored clothes for nights out so a burgundy-colored birkin will work really well...

    Good luck!
  11. I agree with all about bags! From your list of colors, I would choose etoupe swift 30cm with PH. Good luck!
  12. I like Etoupe but doesn't it usually come with contrast stitching? I think contrast stitching gives a sporty, more casual look.
  13. i LOVE etoupe. it's the most complimented out of all my birkins. such a verstile color and matches with everything. i would say a 30 will be good for a day and evening bag.
  14. I was thinking about Etoupe but KallieGirl did bring up an excellent point about the contrast stitching. Although I agree, I don't think it would bother me. Good luck with your decision!
  15. I agree with Kallie - contrast striching on the Etoupe dresses it down and I believe it looks best with PH - also less dressy IMO.

    Rouge H box with GH 30 if you can find it sounds like it could fit the bill.

    But from your list - Marron Fonce Cherve GH would also be good.