Best big wallet?

  1. I'm looking for a new Hermes wallet which holds tons of credit / membership cards and small coins.. For some reason the Dogon doesn't work for me, maybe bacause of my too many coins :graucho:
    Any help or advice? Would really appreciate. :okay:
  2. I have worked my way thru many wallets and I HIGHLY recommend the large AZAP wallet. It has 12 card slots (6 on each side) and a zippered coin section. It's the most convienent wallet for me by far
  3. I second the azap! Tons of slots and easy to use...I haven't owned the dogon so can't compare but am quite sure it will's just so darn expensive!
  4. Yes...AZAP for sure!

    Or Bearn + card holder...
  5. Dogon Combined!
  6. The azap long! It holds so much, and is so easy to use as well. Sometimes I even tuck my checkbook in it.
  7. I love the AZAP long, too...but how about the new "Honore Long" wallet in barenia and cashmere?

    hang on, I'll scan a pic - from the new Le Monde...
  8. [​IMG]

    It's SOOOOOOO pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. WOW. Barenia and cashmere.

    What about Top 24 Wallet? I can hold many cards, bills. There is also 1 zippered comparment for coins.
  10. Do you have a pic of the Top 24 wallet. I dont know what that one looks like
  11. Thank you all! Honore long looks amazing!!! A real must have.. :flowers: And I'll check the Azap as soon as I get to a Hermes store!
  12. I just can't get over BARENIA lined with CASHMERE!!!!!!!


  13. K, what's that bag called, next to the wallet? And what material is it?
  14. "Camail" bag in wool felt and barenia calfskin, grey/fauve.

    Page 70 of Le Monde 2007 Vol II.