Best Beauty Tip Ever...

  1. What is the best beauty tip you have ever gotten?
  2. I cant remember any but apply sunscreen everyday to prevent those ugly face stains BC gives you. They are scary!
  3. I agree - sunscreen :yes:
  4. Oooh... there's so many! The best are probably:

    -Use Vaseline to remove eye makeup

    -Shimmer in the inner corner of the eye

    -ALWAYS remove your makeup at night no matter what
  5. Drink lots of water and moisturise often (preferably with an SPF of at least 15).
  6. My two favorite tips were:

    Makeup should enhance your natural beauty, not mask it (ie - less is more).

    Eyeliner brings even the most tired, dead eyes back to life.
  7. Sunscreen everyday!
  8. moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! my mom pounded this into my head from the time that i hit puberty, and her nearly flawless skin (at 55, no less!) is proof that it works.
  9. How you clean your skin is the most imprtant.
    Followed by moisturizer and sunscreen!
  10. Never go to sleep without washing the make-up off your face.
  11. Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, sunscreen.

    My mother made me wear wrinkle creams since I was about 12!
  12. Always wear sunscreen and don't wear too much makeup.
  13. have plenty of sex, makes you glow!
  14. moisturizing even if you oily skin like me! lol
    sunscreen of course
    eyeliner make all the difference!
  15. Sunscreen everyday. Thoroughly cleanse skin before going to bed.