Best Bbag to use like a briefcase?

  1. Opinions, please, on the best style(s) to use as a briefcase/totebag? I teach 2nd grade, and I haul folders and papers to grade, etc. back and forth.:nuts: It would be in addition to carrying a handbag, not instead of. Doesn't have to close at the top. Just has to be big enough.

    Work/Office? Purse? Would that work? TIA!
  2. ^^ definitely the work or the shopper :cutesy:
  3. Work
  4. I would say the shopping due to the longer handles. The work just was too hard to get on and off my shoulder easily.
  5. Actually, I say the Part Time because to me it looks kind of brief case-like. It's wider/longer and can accomodate legal pads and files. Only issue I have ever had is how shallow it is so sometimes I can't zip it closed. But, I agree, Work would definitely work also. I just didn't like how big it felt to me, felt like luggage on me.
  6. Another vote for the Shopping/Shopper :yes: I think it's a bit more structured than the Work and would be better to carry files and such :smile:
  7. work!!! :party:
  8. Work but I have never seen the Purse IRL!
  9. Work for sure. Nice and roomy.:yes:
  10. Shopper is perfect. It can hold a lot and it can also hold a laptop. Plus the top doesn't zip so if it is a little over the top it doesn't matter. I am going to get one in caramel if I can find it.:yes:
  11. I've used my Work for, well...Work a lot. Seems to um, Work, very well (lol)...

    I'd love to see a picture though of someone wearing their Shopper loaded down with 'briefcase-type' stuff....I'm sure that's a great choice too!
  12. Although I havent seen the shopper IRL I would say this looks the best for holding the kind of stuff you want to carry.

    I have seen a picture of the bag from a side-on view and it looks quite roomy for papers, folders etc

    There was an auction on eBay for a GORGEOUS Ink Shopper... not sure if it has already sold.

    I think it is Powderpuffs auction :yes: Gorgeous bag, and colour!
  13. work or the shopping
  14. I agree that the shopping or work looks best to hold work papers. I have a purse, and it would be too small to carry all that stuff.
  15. It is a beautiful bag and I thought about it seriously, but I don't wear blue that well or that often. I do hope someone gets Powderpuff's love ink!