Best Bathing Suits!

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  1. What brand do you girls feel is the best for bathing suits? Which fit amazing and last forever!?

    I love Victorias's Secret, they always have beautiful bikini's and you return whatever doesn't fit..

    & also, believe it or not Target suits always fit and they are so inexpensive, that's great because I go through at least 3 new suits every summer.
  2. Ralph Lauren, Bill Blass and Donna Karen. They seem to work well for me, and last a long time I have some gorgeous suits from V.S also.
  3. Roxy and Billabong are my favorites. I usually buy my suits at Pacific Sunwear or a surf shop.
  4. Oooh.... my favorites are Ondade Mar, Salinas and Pan Dulce. I love bikinis. TNA is nice but I find it a little too skimpy for me (Not like Pan Dulce isn't, but I have to pick the right style for me). For one pieces, I like DKNY a lot, but if I'm wearing a one piece, it's typically to swim laps, so I just wear my speedo competitive.

    I think VS has a really good selection in one place and you don't have to go everywhere looking for a great suit, but surfshops usually have a good selection for a good price.
  5. Very true, Roxy always has cute bathing suits and the best cover-ups!
  6. I agree about the Vicky's swimsuits, I grabbed a basic black bikini for only $19 and it's nice quality. ( I don't really wear the top though- I use a bandeau top from somehwere else, I've been exercising so much, and I've been losing weight from the ONE place I do NOT want to lose it... so the top looks ridiculous on me!)

    My favorite bathing suit of all time, was a suit I picked up from a little swimsuit shop, it's white with large polka dots, and has light purple ties on the sides, ( halter top.) It was like, $80-something but I wish I had bought two!!!

    I need to go bathing suit shopping soon, I think I want to check out some surf shops ( it's florida after all!) and grab some new ones. :smile: I'm VERY picky about swimsuits though, it's hard for me to find flattering styles. ( I have no chest, small- but shapeless midsection, and a little bubble bum!:shame: Oh well, at least I've got good legs! lol.

    I kind of like the Juicy Couture swimsuits... but- I don't like spending a lot on something that I'm going to just sit by the pool in, or get all icky at the beach.
  7. Hands down, Sunsets Separates. I usually order them online, where I can choose from 10+ different styles for both the tops and bottoms, tons of colors, etc. I can't buy a presized bikini, either the top or the bottom won't fit.
  8. i like jcrew seperates. i order them online and can chose from a variety of tops and bottoms which suit my body type. and the best part? no trying them on with bad lighting!!! the sizes are consistent, so i just order a few new ones each year. :biggrin:
  9. Ohh, I can't wait to get swim suit shopping after I lose some of my pudge!
  10. I agree! J.Crew is great with the separates!
  11. la perla, rosa cha, pin up stars, missioni arethe sexiest...
  12. Def Roxy. Their suits are so cute and afforable.
  13. La Perla without a doubt ....
  14. i agree with cristina, roxy and billabong rock! haha i also love paul frank...i got the cutest one at the beach last year :amuse:
  15. Whoops...totally forgot to answer the question. VS has the cutest bikinis!