best bathing suits?

  1. We just booked a cruise for May round the eastern caribbean but i have no summer clothes what-so-ever! where is the best place to by bathing suits? what would you say is the best brand?
    I want it to be :-
    not a ridiculous amount of money
    not a tiny two piece (i.e. i'm a 4-5 but very body concious!)

    any help would be completely appreciated, websites etc. The last time i bought a bathing suit i think i was 14??? (i am now 25)... :hysteric:
  2. i like victoria secret, macys, pac sun, venus.
  3. Since you haven't bought a bathing suit in a long time, I'd go some place where you can try on a lot of different styles. A department store is probably your best bet - Bloomingdales usually has a good selection.

    As for brands, Calvin Klein and Polo/Ralph Lauren are pretty reasonably priced IMO and have some very comfortable, flattering styles.

    Good luck!
  4. In Canada, La Vie En Rose or La Senza. I have bought all my bathing suits there for the last 4 years. They're the BEST - they fit great, they're flattering, they're not stringy leetle bikini's. AND they're totally affordable. If you're in the US - I'm not sure if those stores are down there though...
  5. thanks ladies... its been a while.. ;)
  6. I like [SIZE=-1]Obadash. They sell them at Intermix. Price range around $170. (Not sure if this is in your range or not.)