Best base and top coats for np?

  1. No matter how I do my nails, they chip within like 2 days, so im thinking perhaps i need a new top and base coats, any ideas would be great. Currently, I'm using Sally Hansens(sp) :smile:
  2. i'd love to know too, mine always chips! i've tried qtica, rimmel, & creative nail design. all with not much luck :sad:
  3. I wear Brucci Miracle Nail Hardener for both the base and top coat. It lasts until I take it off and helps keep my nails long. Get it at Sallys.
  4. Creative Nail Designs- Stickey Base Coat and Orly - Won't Chip Topcoat work well for me. My manicures last a full week without chips using those two. OPI also has a top coat. I forget the name of it.
  5. I use a MAC top coat. It's pretty good.

    If you spend a lot of your time typing, however, it's hard to avoid chipping no matter what.
  6. Stickey base coat is THE BEST!! LOVE IT! For a top coat I use Seche Vite. Works great for me!
  7. I also love Seche Vite.
  8. i am using orly from sally. it is working well.
  9. I use Orly Bonder and it usually lasts about 4-5 days with no chips.
  10. Orly Bonder for base and Seche Vete for top. I have used Stickey as well for base . . . Orly seems maybe slightly better? Hard to tell . . .
  11. I agree that Creative Nail "Stickey" is the best base coat for natural nails.
  12. Agreed - Stickey base is the best but I've had trouble with Seche Vite. I chip it easily and then I can't leave it alone and end up scratching all of it off. Nice. Not!

    Orly makes a rock hard top coat but it doesn't get along with my solar gel nails, so I use next best thing, which is Creative Nail Air Dry. It's awesome!