best bargains in orlando?

  1. Hey I am going to the outlets in Orlando next week. I know there is 2 coach outlet locations.... which one has the better choices and deals? Thanks!
  2. Haha, I went to both of them today!!

    They had a lot of the same stuff at both. Everything that was at both stores was the same price, so it wasn't a huge difference.

    I got a black signature hobo for $119.99, a gold metallic wristlet for $23.99, a brown beaded optic wristlet for $34.99, exchanged my dog collar for one that will fit Preston, and got 3 scarves, for $15.99, $19.99, and $29.99.
  3. Thanks so much I will be there in 1 week.......... Yipppeeee!!!!!!!!
  4. What kind of charms or keychains did they have @ the Premium outlets?
  5. They had a bunch of letter charms at both. Moon charms, beagle charms, picture keyfob things, and some of the $39 glittery keychains.
  6. I was in both Orlando stores this past weekend and both stores had some good stuff. At the Premium Outlet store I had an SA named Valda who was great. I also found a Carley bag at the Premium Store and Valda helped me guard it until I checked out (which was quite a feat since I had other customers and SA's following me around the store waiting for me to set it down:smile: ). I am still amazed that I found a Carley at the outlet.