Best bargain to score a Oak Bayswater

Jun 14, 2007
Have been lusting for a Oak Bay for the longest time and I am pretty sure I want this after wavering between the Oak and the Chocolate for a loooong time.

Now, I'm located outside the UK and hence do not have the opportunity to take part in sales held at physical Mulberry stores and stockists. Hence, I can only count on online websites which offers the occasional 10-20% discount to score a good bargain.

Have been observing My Wardrobe for sometimes and realise they only carry 1 classic Bay color at a time and I had seen both Black and Chocolate but no Oak (yet).


-If I am hankering after a Oak Bay, which is a classic, is 20% the best bargain I can hold out for?

-Does the Oak Bays only come in 1 kind of leather (beside the printed Bay). I am new here and sometimes i get confused when i see nice gorgeous patina-ed Oak Bays and thought it was Oak in another kind of leather instead. :yahoo:

-What are the online stockists I should keep a look out for beside My Wardrobe which offers 20% off occasionally.

I can't wait to score my first Mulberry classic!:graucho: