best bargain on a fashion item

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  1. whats your best bargain on a fashion item?

    i am only 16 but the best bargain i have got so far is my tabacoo chloe paddy 1/2 price:yahoo:
  2. awesome deal!

    My best bargain would have to be my Rebecca Minkoff bag that I got for $99:yahoo:
    (don't mind the boots in the pic)
    :heart: :heart: :heart:
  3. how much are they normally jem? i am not familiar with the designer

  4. The bag retails for around $500 usd
  5. I got a beautiful Fendi silk top for $29!
  6. I would say bloomies...when they have sale items plus percent off plus juicy sweats for $28-35
  7. WOW
  8. Juicy Couture cashmere sweater for about $60.
  9. I got a Joe's Jeans denim pencil skirt at T.J. Maxx for $30 :wlae:
  10. nike sneakers for $3.50. yeah, craaaaazy.
  11. Fendi Baguette for $50, Juicy cashmere sweatsuit $75, Chanel cashmere sweater $35, YSL leopard pants $30, vintage Valentino cocktail dress $6.50, Christian Dior black suit $15. The list could go on and on....I am a thrift and consignment store I have gotten some fabulous deals!
  12. What kind of boots are those???? I love them!!!
  13. I've never really gotten a super super good deal on anything...but this one time, I got a pair of Fidelity jeans that were on sale at $45 from $145! I thought it was a really good deal.
  14. The two things that come immediately to mind are a pair of (faux) fur-trimmed (faux) silk brocade Cicciabella lounging boots that retail for about $30 everywhere, or everywhere I could find. But an eBay seller had some in her store, I watched them sit there a while, they were not described very well, and after a couple of months, I emailed her and asked her if she would just send them to me for $10, free shipping, all legit, through eBay, etc, and she did!

    The other was a cotton cardigan, I forget which online retailer, but it was being sold as part of some pajama separates, but it looked to me like a regular cotton cardigan, it was marked down to $3.99, and it was some holiday or other, and they had free shipping. When it arrived, I saw that it was indeed just a regular cotton cardigan, actually a higher grade of cotton and better workmanship than I had expected, and not "red" as advertised, but in a lovely shade of fuschia that is one of my best colors, but I suspect just wasn't chosen by a lot of the store's customers, so they reduced it!
  15. I am a C-21 addict so there are many to choose from so I'll just go with what I am wearing. I am currently wearing a Petro Zillia top that I got for $5, D&G black pants that I got for $60 and Kors boots that I got for $70 (though these were Anbar not C-21). I am also carrying my MBMJ flowered tote that I got for $60.

    Some other big noteables off the top of my head include several Kate Spade and Betsey Johnson (2 of my fave designers) leather bags for $60 or less each, a Dana Buchman suit for $230 (orig. $900ish), an Alex Garfield suit for $150 (orig. $700ish), a Nicole Miller silk dress for $30 (orig. $400ish) and an Ozbek cocktail dress for $40 (orig. $600ish). Also, yesterday, my new Kate Spade sample sale raincoat arrived - $50 marked down from $400 (it has doggies on it :P).

    I :heart: bargains. (And by :heart: I mean that I am addicted.)