Best Bal colors of all time!

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  1. What do you think are the best Balenciaga colors of all time? I know of a few amazing color shifting ones like anthracite and blue violet, but I would love to know all of your favorites! Pictures would be amazing :smile:
  2. The favorites that I have no order:

    Rouge Theatre
    Apple Green

    I also still lust after Argent with GSH, but never seen it in real life.
  3. My favorite Bal colors are 2006 Blueberry (beautiful sheen), 2010 Light Olive (all around great color) and 2006 VIF / 2007 Tomato (best REDS ever).

    OP - What year / season is Blue Violet - Never heard of it. I"m not as familiar with the past few seasons though.
  4. Just now I think Mauve & Rose Bonbon are the best of all :tup::tender:
  5. My first city bag that I got on Thursday, a 2006 Blueberry - I love it!!
  6. I have to agree with everyone that has said 2006 Blueberry, it is a special color.

    Other favorites, in no order: 2007 Anthracite, 2007 Aquamarine, 2007 Violet, 2007 Sandstone, 2006 Lilac, & 2007 Mogano... I obviously have a soft spot for 2007. :P
  7. Oops I meant blue lavender, not blue violet haha. Not sure what year though, I just saw a beautiful picture of it on tpf!
  8. 04 Eggplant
    06 Ink
    07 Tomato (Best. Leather. Ever. Makes the colour look like it's lit from within. Beautiful).
    09 Raisin
    Not sure of the year - Gris Poivre. Love that not quite grey, not quite taupe look...the perfect neutral.
  9. seafoam SS 2004
    turquoise FW 2004
    pistachio FW 2004
    pewter 2004
    magenta 2005 & FW 2007
    maldives SS 2009
    light olive ss 2010
    papete ss 2010
  10. Yesss!!! Seafoam, Pistachio, Turquoise, Tomato, Apple Green, Vert D'eau, Lilac...the list goes on and on :biggrin:
  11. A really soft and smooshy leather of dark night with the G21 rose gold hardware. I regret selling mine up to this day.....
  12. Ardoise, I have it with both GSH and RGGH (looks great with both) and Automne with GSH. Both are so veristile. There are a lot above that are great options as well. Too many to choose from.
  13. I regret not getting Dark Night in the first place! :noggin:
  14. 05 rouge theatre
    06 ink
    10 canard
    10 outremer
    11 papyrus

    A few of my faves!
  15. '11 Coquelicot

    '05 Rouge Theatre

    '08 Ruby

    '08 Anthra

    '09 Officier

    '10 Cyclade

    '08 Sapphire