Best Bags Under $300?

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  1. So, I'm on the hunt for a well made, classic bag that won't fall apart in a year!

    As much as I wish I could afford more, my budget is only about $300. I've tried Coach, Dooney & Bourke, The Sak, MBMJ, and Juicy Couture and they all end up falling apart on me with in a few months.Not to say that I'm rough with my bags, but I'm the kind of person that uses bags until they die.

    I have a Mulberry Bayswater that I scored on eBay and it's seriously built like a tank. If I could afford another one, I'd definitely but another.

    My Bayswater is black, and I'm looking for a bag in brown or a fun color...

    Any suggestions or favorites?


    PS: I apologize if there's already a thread like this- I couldn't find one :blush:
  2. macy's is having a huge sale that starts on the 14th i's 20% off...i know they have michael kors bags...check them out!
  3. Check out Junior Drake, they're on right now.
  4. wow! some of those brands you mentioned I thought would be tougher. Maybe it's worth it to just save for what really works fior you or hunt the sales. Often times great bags can be found for a good price. I will have to ponder and let me know if you do find other bags you like in your price range!
  5. I agree with Michael Kors....also try Cole Haan.
  6. How about something from Tano, Cole Haan, or Roots? I also love MBMJ if you can find something under $300.
  7. Ditto. Not sure if those didn't last for you if any others will last. Are you buying the 100% leather versions or the fabric versions??

    Leather would be the way to go for long term durability and the classic styles.
  8. Linea Pelle makes tough but smooshy leather (I know, how do they do that!). I have their large zip tote and it's a real workhorse for me.
    You can get them on ebay or bonanzle within your budget, or watch the Linea Pelle subforum for Deals and they announce promo codes for sites like Luna Boston, Aster Alice, My Obssessions Boutique, etc.
  9. no way! i love my MbMJ.

    M Michael Kors is great if you can find it at TJs/Marshalls. those are super durable
  10. thanks everyone!

    i picked up a michael kors hamilton bag in suede, but i'm on the fence because i've heard horror stories about it... i may or may not be returning it

    i guess i should clarify, i'm not necessarily rough with my bags, but i do use them every day. i typically buy totes or crossbody bags because i use them for work.

    i don't have any experience with tano bags, but i love the way they look. are they tough?

  11. and if any of you feel like helping me make up my mind about the hamilton bag that would be amazing...

    Michael Kors Hamilton in Suede

    i love, love, love the style of it, i'm just terrified i'll fall apart!
  12. I would just tell you to find a Maxx on the Runway-type TJ Maxx and go there and look through all of their purses. You can find some nice ones that aren't even 'mainstream brand' name. Plus Michael Kors and Cole Haan. BR has nice bags too.
  13. ^^ i agree!!
  14. the bag is cute, and I love sued, but it never wears well. It's an unforgiving material for everyday use imho.

    The design is cute remind a little of a birkin with the wrap around strap and lock. Looks functional
  15. thanks everyone, i'm pretty in love with the suede hamilton. a friend today made a good point that if it totally dies, because i got it from nordstrom they're usually pretty awesome about things like that. we shall see.