Best bags for work/career? Any Suggestions?


Posh Rock Goddess
Nov 9, 2007
Brentwood-Los Angeles, CA
I typically lean toward slouchy bags, in soft, supple leather. But something more professional or structured is important for work/career. I need something large and stylish for work since I meet clients out everyday for coffee, lunch, etc.

I'm curious: what are you other career girls carrying to the job? I tend to use my own purse organizers and zip pouches, so a work bag doesn't necessarily need dividers, pockets, etc. Just needs to be 13x12in or larger. And it has to look good! I'm leaning toward a LV Boetie GM or a Chanel Portobello tote in black (bottom) with the tan diamond stitch lambskin (I've been scouting this one in Beverly Hills resale shops).

What do you think? I'd love to see what you're using, or get your opinion.