Best bags for traveling

  1. When I travel, I like to have tickets and passports accessible. I also bring a book to read, in addition to my wallet, all my glasses (reading, sun, seeing...). I would like to know what other TPF find are the best bags for traveling.
  2. I have to say a swingpack (Coach has really cute ones). I bought it on vacation with me and it worked perfectly when I was on day trips or sightseeing. If you need a bigger bag, Coach has some really nice satchels and totes too. If your not into Coach, LV also has some options.
  3. I used my LeSportsac Tokidoki Buon Viaggio when I went to London last year. It was nice and roomy but small enough to satisfy the size requirement.
  4. My favorite travel carry-on bags are the Le Sportsac Weekender and the LV Damier Speedy 30. The weekender is especially great as a bag you pack for taking stuff back that you bought while on your trip, since it folds up into its own little travel case. LOL
  5. I had never heard of the Tokidoki Le Sportsac until today via TPF. It looks like it will fit the bill, and I will certainly be able to find the bag! Thanks.
  6. I like the le sportsac.
  7. The Louis Vuitton size 55 duffle bag is my favorite!
  8. This summer in Paris I went a bit wild on the purchases...of course! So I bought a large black Boxford from the Longchamp boutique on the Rue's the perfect bag for travelling as it folds up beautifully in one's suitcase- great for those unexpected but of course, necessary purchases! It's also very durable - elegant yet functional! It's small enough to fit in the overhead compartment, but it can also be checked. What's not to love?

    I like to bring a messenger bag with me on the plane, like my red Maira Kalman for Kate Spade. There's enough room for my passport, wallet, meds, magazins, etc...

    IMHO the best luggage around is by Tumi. It's expensive, but the quality is superb - and the best part is, Tumi has a special warranty that allows you to send in a bag damaged by regular wear and tear - even one you bought ten years ago - and they'll send it back as good as new! A great company.
  9. I use a Prada nylon small backpack. It's taken a lot of abuse and has held up very well.
  10. Prada nylon takes a ton of abuse ..and is worth every penny!
  11. lonchamp tote =) plus it folds flat in the suitcase when you dont need it!
  12. coach swing pack for handy quick essentials (tix, phone, chapsticks...blah blah blah) and a speedy 30 (my personal fave) for anything else. the swingpack wont count as a bag, its on you and so small. and only about $98 , i think.
  13. Huge le sportsac weekender and prada shopping tote
  14. Longchamp gently toting a sleeping Kelly inside....
  15. ITA. My backpack did wonders through all sorts of climates.

    I also love travelling with my LV Damier Saleya PM. It's understated, weatherproof and holds a ton while still looking very elegant with jeans or a dressier outfit.