Best Bag?!?

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  1. In everyones own mind, what is the hottest handbag going? Just really curious.
  2. Every single bag sitting in my closet is hot! Every single bag that I want that is not sitting in my closet is hot! Do a search for similar threads and you will get your answer. ;)
  3. That's an impossible question. Do you mean trendy (which also means the bag will no longer be "hot" when the trend ends)? Do you mean classic? Do you mean best-known or carried by celebrities? Do you mean most expensive or highly respected?

    "Hot" is different for everyone and every season if you go by fashion magazines, so it is useless to try to "keep up." A person could easily end up chasing their tail. I say buy what YOU love, and like Compass Rose said, your bags will always be hot!
  4. Well let me start this off then by saying...

    my hottest bag right this moment is my WHITE CHLOE' PATSY!!!

  5. I love that answer!