Best Bag you've ever bought/seen on sale!

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  1. Just wondering what's the best deal you've ever scored on a bag or do you pay full retail?
  2. Unfortunately the bags I want never go on sale. So its retail for me :sad:
  3. chloe grenat paddington for about 30 seconds on bluefly.
  4. I landed a Bally bag years ago for 1/3 the original price, and recently I got an amazing Sigrid Olsen for half off. It would have been a full 75% off the next day, but it was the last one so I was happy anyway. The SA was great as I was going to pay the full price on one that was very similar, but the one I got was the older version of the same bag so they were clearing it out. YEAH FOR ME!
  5. I got the apple green roxanne at Bob ellis shoes for $600. That was a bargain!
  6. Michael Kors suede satchel for $50. It was originally close to $300. It was on sale and priced wrong. Bags just like it had a higher price tag. The SA gave it to me for the price that was on it minus 50% off. Can't beat that!
  7. I got this great bag at DSW for like 40 bucks.. the best thing about it is that it looks high end... and i keep getting compliemtns on my 40 dollar bag.

    I got a Furla farrah for like 200 something... retails at 500.
  8. That would be either:
    1. The LV Pochette Gange I found @ Thrift Town for $40 (and in excellent condition)
    2. The LV Vernis Bedford in Bronze I found @ the same Thrift Town for $90 (I think this should win, bc it's a BEAUTIFUL bag and a discontinued color) - God, that was a good day!
    3. The LV Pochette Twin GM I found @ a pawn shop for $200 (in brand new condition w/ dustbag)!
  9. The Chloe bracelet bag with red beads a couple of years ago - reduced from around £600 to £300 at Liberty of London ( sorry I cant do the dollar conversion!)

    I spotted it just as some other lady was picking it up and had to hang round behind her until she put it down - it barely touched the shelf before I had whisked it away from ubder her nose and run to the till - I can only say that I had wanted this particular bag for ages and it was obviously meant to be!
  10. My Kooba Sienna in Ivory I bought from Karizma that was on sale and then I got an addition 30% off :smile:
  11. Chanel Ligne Cambon flap tote...43% off..with my friends double employee discount at a certain high end store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It was a beautiful thing! ....she has since quit......sob......sniff......
  12. My purchase today on LVR - the Mulberry Phoebe for $300.
    Oooh, or maybe a Burberry tote I got 40% off of because my girlfriend also worked at an unnamed $$ dept store!
  13. *dies* yes, I think you win! :amuse: I should go to thrift stores more.

    I get good deals on most of my bags, because I don't make enough money to pay full price. Hah!
  14. A recital in mono for 200 instead 350€ in mint condition from a MPRS seller.