Best bag under $400?

  1. What is your favorite bag under $400. I want to buy something nice for my little sisters 20th bday but dont want to spend more then like $400... Any suggestions???
  2. Hmm...maybe a new bag from Coach? They have some really cute all leather one wouldn't scream out "COACH!!!" either:smile:
  3. I agree with Couturegrl, Coach has some really pretty purses. What kind of bags does your sister usually carry/like? I could be more specific if I had an idea.
  4. You *might* be a ble to get something from Furla or Coccinelle
  5. i bought my lil sis a lovely makeup bag(that she now uses as a party clutch:yes:) from LV..its the mini monogramm canvas ..i love small acc. stuff !!
    what kinda designers/styles does she like?!

    it was 350euros two yeras ago..
  6. Betsy Johnson has some cool stuff also.
  7. There are some nice bags on sale at Active Endeavors and they have free shipping!!! Might be worth a look :smile:

    Oh and aside from what has been said above, I'd also suggest Anna Corina bag. Nice leather bags :smile:
  8. It depends on whether your sis likes girly/sporty/slouchy/structured styles :smile:
  9. juicy couture bags are lovely and not that expensive
  10. Gerard Darel and Francesco Biasia. I have the GD Charlotte and the FB Paradise Mix
  11. Brahmin makes some great bags. The new quilted stuff looks very nice!
  12. thanks... she is well going to be 20... so most of her stuff is kinda hip/trendy im thinking juicy for her age
  13. I agree - some of the Francesco Biasa bags are really stylish and I know a few of the ladies on here rate them:flowers: