Best bag to take to Vegas?

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  1. Going to Vegas soon and I need a bag to take with me. I'm looking for something hands-free so I don't have to worry about it, and I would wear it cross-body.

    Looking into three different bags (all in black) and would appreciate (1) votes as to which is the cutest, and (2) any input from anybody who has any of these about pros/cons.


    1) Signature Stripe Swing Pack


    2) Signature Stripe Camera Bag


    3) Signature Mini Cross-Body


    I am also thinking for #1 and #2 to maybe go with the khaki/crimson. Decisions, decisions...

    Any and all feedback appreciated!
  2. my vote is #1....
  3. I like the swing pack...I got it for my birthday in dark brown with the snakeskin stripe. I really love it and I am planning on taking it to Vegas in January.
  4. I like #1, the camera bag is a little pricey IMO and I just don't care for #3
  5. I also vote for #1--it is cutest.
  6. I like the outside zip pocket on the camera bag, but I am balking at the price.
  7. I would get the first one and use it as a belt-bag!Have fun in Vegas!!:yes:
  8. My vote is for #3 Signature Mini Cross-Body
  9. i love the camera bag...but if you're looking for something less pricey, the swingpack is great, too!
  10. My vote would be for #2 for size and function----but I agree the price causes a little bit of sticker shock.

    So I will vote for #1----in the black, because I would worrry about getting it dirty in a lighter color. There are places on the strip and in some of the hotels that are quite crowded and I would worry about dirty rubbing off from other people or objects if I were to get the lighter color. Plus if you had to you could carry the black out at night for an evening bag.
  11. I like the first one.
  12. I vote for the 1st one. I have 2 swingpacks and I love them ... very versatile and it holds your necessities, cash, cc, ID, lipstick, phone, etc. Have fun in Las Vegas!
  13. If the price of #2 doesn't bother you, then I like it best. My next choice is #1. I don't care for #3 much. Have a good time in Vegas!
  14. If you don't mind the price of # 2 then that. if you do then go with the swingpack.
  15. I used a leather swingpack & wristlet in Disney. Worked out great. I used the wristlet as a wallet and secured it through the ring in the swingpack. That way no one could grab it without at least a little tug.